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Tyre Rotation Osborne Park & Perth

Swan Tyre Service perform tyre rotation services at our Osborne Park warehouse. As experts in tyres, we offer tyre advice in Perth and supply new tyressecond-hand tyres and mag wheels.
The rotation of tyres can be very beneficial for your consumers in a number of ways. Rotating the vehicle’s tyres at recommended times can preserve tyre wear and enhance balance handling and traction. It can even provide a performance advantage. When should the tyres be rotated? Always recommend to your consumer that their tyres be rotated every 5000 to 8000 kilometres, even if there is no sign of uneven wear.

Explain to your consumers that rotation of the tyres helps to even out tyre wear by allowing each tyre to operate in a number of different wheel positions. However, tyre rotation cannot correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts or incorrect inflation pressures.

While every vehicle is equipped with four tyres, the tyres on the front usually need to perform different functions than the rear tyres. The tasks encountered on a front-wheel drive vehicle are considerably other than those of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Tyre wear on a performance vehicle will usually be more severe than on the family sedan. Each wheel position can create different wear rates and types of tyre wear.

Always stress the advantage of rotating all four tyres because, in the long term, your consumer will obtain a better cost per kilometre. The following diagrams provide suggestions for four and five-tyre rotations for radial tyres.

Four Tyre Rotation

Five Tyre Rotation

(The solid line show the direction position of Rotation, the dotted line shows the alternative Rotation)