When it’s come time to replace your tyres, you want to buy the best for you. But how do you know what is right? There are a number of factors to look at, such as your car’s recommendations and your driving habits. We at Swan Tyre Service can help you look at all the variables and decide on what makes a good tyre for your car, be it a new tyre or used tyre.

Refer to the owner’s manual

If you’re unsure of what tyres are right for your car, consult your owner’s manual to see what is recommended in terms of size, load capacity and speed rating. In general, your manual won’t tell you what brand to buy.

When it comes to choosing a brand, choose the names you trust. We at Swan Tyre Service have a wide range of all the best brands; so feel free to come to our Osborne Park store to check them out.

Buying new tyres?

If you plan to buy new tyres, here are a few things to consider:

  • Think about your driving habits. Will you be driving long-distance often, or just around the city? Do you like a firm ride or a soft ride? Maybe both? Keeping these needs in mind while you buy is key.
  • Determine the size and type of tyre that your vehicle’s owner manual recommends.
  • Work with our store expert to find the balance between a good quality ride, noise suppression, petrol economy, wear, cost and loading abilities.
  • Buy what you need, and nothing more. In most cases, a good all-season tyre will be enough for you.


 Used tyres?

If you need to replace your tyres, but can’t afford brand new ones right away, you do have the option of buying used tyres.

A few things to consider when buying second hand tyres are:

  • Treadware: Gauge the treadware of the tyres. If they have more than 1.6 mm of tread, you’re good to go. The deeper the tread, the more you can get out of it.
  • Dry rot: Usually, if the black has gone grey, the tyres have dry rot, or sidewall cracking. It comes with age and could cause the tyre to separate from the rim.
  • Damage: Tyres that have been punctured and patched are usually still usable, but better to buy one that hasn’t had any damages or defects.
  • Tyre age: Once it’s reached its 6 or 7 year mark, you should not bother buying a second hand one.


To get a look at a full range of tyre choices, come into our showroom in Osborne Park today or contact us online. We at Swan Tyre Service are the experts in tyres and have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you choose the right tyres for your vehicle.