Purchasing tyres can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know much about them. New or used? All weather or winter? High end or bottom shelf? Usually the tread pattern of the tyre accounts for differences in performance.

At Swan Tyre Service, we stock a wide range of tyres in all shapes and sizes, for all models and makes of vehicles. If you need guidance when purchasing your tyres, feel free to contact us or come into our store.

New versus Second Hand

The main difference between new tyres versus second hand tyres is certainly the price. Used ones are far cheaper, but sometimes you sacrifice quality. New tyres are fully intact, from sidewall to treading, so if you have the income, we recommend you buy new.

All Season Tyres

Now referred to as “3 season tyres,” these types of tyres are best for warm, dry and mildly wet conditions. They work best in temperatures above 7 degrees. Their rubber compound is hard and durable so that they can get longer life.

All season, or 3 season, tyres have a pretty linear tread pattern which reduces noise and gives the car a comfortable ride with low rolling resistance during the warm seasons.

All Weather Tyres

These can usually handle temperatures above and below 7 degrees, and perform well in everything from hot weather to mild winters. Their aggressive

tread design and piping provides a decent grip on the road despite snow, slush or rain.

Mud Tyres

These have very large, rather aggressive treads which make them great for off-road and heavy snow, but not much else. They are rather noisy and don’t get very good traction in the rain or light snow, and they are more expensive.

For more information about the different types of tyres out there, or for help deciding which will be the best for your vehicle and your lifestyle, give us a call at Swan Tyre Service, or come into our Osborne Park showroom today. Our experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help!

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