Car tyres are the only things keeping your car from touching the road. They go through the most wear and tear of any component of your vehicle. Your wheels can go through just as much use. Keeping your rims in good condition is important because damaged wheels can lead to far more damage down the line. Both wheels and rims will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

It is important to keep your wheels and your tyres in good health. Not sure what to look for to ascertain if they need to be replaced? Not to worry. We at Swan Tyre Service are the experts in tyres and rims, and we’re here to help.

Check your tyres’ tread wear

The main objective of a tyre’s tread is to divert water from underneath the tyre in order to improve traction and avoid hydroplaning. If the tyre’s tread has worn down, your car has become unsafe to drive. So how do you know if the tread has worn out?

Look at the tread pattern, the small bridges that form between the treads, to see if they have levelled out. If they’re even with the tyre’s tread, they need to be replaced with either new or used tyres.

You can also purchase a cheap tread depth gauge from an auto parts store, or pop into your local tyre shop to check the actual tread depth so you know for sure if your tyres need to be replaced.

Don’t overlook uneven tread wear

Examine the whole tyre. If there is any uneven tread ware, it’s a sign that you need to service your car. You could have a wheel misalignment, or just need to get your tyres rotated. If it’s the latter, make sure to start from front to rear.

Look out for sidewall bubbles

If there are any abnormal bulges or bubbles in the sidewall, have your tyre replaced immediately. This means that the rigid internal frame of the tyre is damaged or cracked, which means air pressure is reaching the flexible outer layers. Sidewall bubbles can very likely result in a blow out because the structural integrity of the tyre has been significantly compromised.

Check for cracks

If there are any little cracks in the sidewall or over the rubber that means you might have dry rot. Dry rot is the breaking down of the rubber, which could cause the tyres to separate from the steel belt and cause some serious damage. Definitely replace them if you have dry rot.

Don’t forget about the wheels

Do you hear a thumping sound when you’re driving *on the highway? Does the steering wheel constantly vibrate as you try to coast? These problems could definitely indicate a problem with your rims. You should immediately examine them for any unusual wear or to see if any of the rims are broken, dented or cracked.

If your wheels are damaged, they can cause uneven wear on your tyres, make your car harder to handle and can e

If you notice any damage to your rims, it’s time to either repair or replace them. Usually, a competent tyre mechanic can easily replace most damages.

If you have any further questions or concerns about replacing tyres or rims, feel free to contact us at Swan Tyre Service in Perth. Or follow our tips and advice on tyres.