Too many people forget the importance of keeping tyres in good condition, either they don’t realise exactly how important tyres are for overall safety or simply don’t know how easy and affordable it can be to prolong the life of their tyres. There are a number critical maintenance tips you can follow to ensure you maximize the time between tyre changes.


Whether you have cheap tyres or top of the range, it is essential to rotate your used tyres from one position on the car to another. This will help to even out the wear and tear across all tyres and significantly extend their life. The front tyres usually carry more of the weight of the car and typically wear out at a much quicker rate than the back ones so most manufacturers recommend a rotation every 8 to 10 thousand kilometers.


Just because you get a puncture, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the whole tyre. There are industry regulations which govern the repair of tyres so before you purchase a new one check with a tyre specialist to see if your puncture can be fixed. All tyre & rim repairs should be undertaken as per the instruction of your tyre repair supplier.


It is recommended to check your tyre pressure once a month. Having properly inflated tyres helps protect against damage and helps decrease fuel consumption. To find the correct tyre pressure for your car, check the user manual or the label close to the fuel cap.

Wheel alignment

A proper wheel alignment adjusts the angles of the tyres which affects how they make contact with the road ensuring optimum handling performance, increased safety and fuel efficiency. Out of balance wheels can cause noticeable vibration, premature wear and tear and decrease the life of your tyres.

No matter how much you care for your tyres, there will come a time when they need to be replaced. Contact our friendly tyre sales professionals today for help with any new tyres, mag wheels, tyres replacement & repair questions our visit our showroom for more information.