If your vehicle rims are damaged it can affect the wear on your tyres, which can then affect stability and control while driving.

Also if you don’t repair the rims quickly, then this may damage your tyres which could lead to a costly replacement.

There are various types of damage that rims might be susceptible to over time, including bent rims, cracked rims, scratched or scuffed rims and dented rims.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of damage and how you can get your rims looking as good as new.

Bent Rims

Bent rims can occur from both minor and major accidents.

Swan Tyre Service specialises in all rim repairs and if you call in and see us at 39 Guthrie Street Osborne Park we can give you a quote to repair your rims.

Generally rims are easily repairable and in most cases won’t need to be replaced. Once repaired the rim can then be polished or painted to match the other wheels on your vehicle.

Scratched or Scuffed Rims

Scratched or scuffed rims commonly occur when you hit a curb while parking or driving. These scratches can reduce the overall appearance of your vehicle.

If you’re looking to make your vehicle look as good as new or your thinking of selling, rims are easy to repair.

Repainting Your Rims

Your rims can be repainted to help them look as good as new. Rims can be refinished in chrome, aluminium alloy or in colour.

Repainting your rims can really freshen things up and upgrade the look of your vehicle.

Cracked Rims

If you hear a thumping noise or feel a vibration while driving it could be caused by a cracked rim.

Cracked rims are hazardous and can cause a tyre blow out. So it is important to act quickly.

Bring your car in to Swan Tyre Service and we will assess the damage and provide a comprehensive quote to repair.

Mag Wheels

Mag wheels are made of a magnesium and aluminium combination which is very malleable, making it easy to heat and reshape.

There are many things that can go wrong with mag wheel rims, such as corroded bead seats, creased barrel, scratched or broken wheels and more.

Over time this can have an effect on your tyres and may cause a blowout. Repairing your rims before any serious damage occurs is highly recommended.

If you’re looking to repair your rims for safety or aesthetic purposes, you can’t go past Swan Tyre Service for trusted and reliable rim repairs in Perth.

Visit our Rim Repairs section on our website or don’t hesitate to come in and see us at 39 Guthrie Street Osborne Park.

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