Some might ask what are the differences between mags and hubcaps?

Mag wheels contain magnesium or aluminium and are alloyed with steel. Rims make up the outer edge of a wheel that holds the tyre in place.

Hubcaps are almost purely aesthetic. They do not contribute to the holding up of the tyre, as they are merely a removable cover for the centre area of the wheel’s exposed side. They cover the axle and the lug nuts that hold the wheel to the hub.

If you’re looking at improving your car in any way, getting mag wheels or rims are good options.

Benefits of Hubcaps

Hubcaps are the cover that goes over your car’s wheels. They can be made of plastic or steel. They protect the wheel’s lug nuts from getting rusty and corroded which would make them hard to remove if ever you had a flat tyre.

Benefits of Mags

Mag wheels are a bit higher quality than regular old steel wheels because they have higher performance and a better aesthetic. If you’re looking at improving your car, mag wheels are better investments than simply placing hubcaps over the wheels.

Mag wheels, or alloy wheels, are made of a blend of super sturdy metals blended with aluminium, a lightweight metal. When combined into one, mag wheels offer strength, lightweight feel and a shiny look. Because of this, they were popular in the racing world to begin with, but now they are becoming more and more common on cars.

To learn more about the benefits of mags and how they can contribute to your ride, give us a call today at Swan Tyre Service, or read more below.

Lightweight wheels for a better ride

Wheels are an “unsprung weight” or a weight that the car’s suspension doesn’t support. Any weight that’s not supported by the shocks makes the car vulnerable to shock transmission. But with a lighter weighted wheel, you will increase the car’s handling, especially in steering precision. Mags decrease the unsprung weight, which additionally helps the car accelerate, arguably increasing the gas mileage as well as the car’s performance.

Strength equals control

The combination of aluminium and other metals makes these wheels so much stronger than typical steel wheels, which leads to greater control and precise steering. They also conduct heat better than average wheels, keeping the heat away from the breaks which helps improve break performance if you use your brakes often.

Better car value

Because mags are now a coveted item, having them on your vehicle will increase the resale value and make your car easier to sell.

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