Everybody loves their car and the convenience of having one but nobody loves the unexpected costs that pop up seemingly out of nowhere. The good news is that you can take a few proactive steps every day to prolong the life of your tyres and keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Swan Tyre Service are experts in Perth when it comes to all things tyres. Read some of our tips below so you can pick up a few good habits and save yourself some time, hassle and money along the way.

  1. Get the Pedal off the Metal

Driving at higher speeds generates more heat in your tyres, meaning the faster your drive, the more wear you add to your tyres. If you’re driving fast you’re probably also braking hard, which could cause more damage to your car’s tyres.

  1. Check Your Tyre Pressure

Checking your tyre pressure every week is an easy way to maintain their health. To find the ideal tyre pressure for your car, look in your owner’s manual or look for an imprint on your tyres. This may differ between manufacturers, but you can always ask Swan Tyre Service if you are unsure. 

To check the pressure, unscrew the cap on the intake and hold a tyre pressure gauge against it, allowing the air to flow into the gauge.

Make sure to never overinflate which will lead to too much tread wear. 

Click here for an inflation pressure conversion guide.

  1. Examine Your Tyres Regularly

It’s never a bad idea to set up a weekly routine to check your tyres for cuts or holes. You never know if you have run over some glass, nails or other sharp objects. These things might get stuck in your tyres, rather than immediately causing them to go flat. However, the slow leak of tyre pressure will eventually lead to a flat. 

If you do see some small cuts or holes, have them repaired at Swan Tyre Service.

  1. Have Your Tyres Rotated

Every 10,000km you drive locally you should have your tyres rotated. If on the other hand you drive on long journeys you should rotate your tyres every 15,000km.

  1. Align Your Tyres and Wheels

Uneven alignment means uneven tyre tread and increased wear and tear. You will know when your wheels are unaligned if the vehicle pulls or drifts to one side, or if it is hard to handle or steer. Hitting a curb will also lead to unaligned wheels. If you are experiencing any of these problems, please contact Swan Tyre Service to book a wheel alignment.

For new or used tyres, come visit Swan Tyre Service at 39 Guthrie Street Osborne Park or contact us for more information.